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Need a quick fix for that photo?
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Pixer Free Online
Photo and Graphic Image Editor

When you become a member of CORE, one of the first things that happens is you’re given the option of having a free CORE Word Press website hosted for you.

That of course, begs the question, “what’s a website without images and graphics?”

That however, has been much easier said than done, at least in the past, because tradition photo and graphics manipulation programs have been prohibitively expensive, but not any more.

There are so many great online image editing tools available for free these days, it’s nearly impossible to know which is the right one for the job. Not everyone has the same user capabilities, and not every situation requires the same level of sophistication when it comes to the image rendering technology required.

That’s why after doing extensive research into a number of popular free online photo and graphic image editors, I’ve put together this series of previews and reviews of the ones I feel have the most to offer in different situations. This way you can get to know the pros and cons, and the level of expertise required to operate each of them before you commit to learning how to use a particular one.

Free online photo editors and graphics generating programs fall into one of two streams of thinking, as well as a third niche group.

The first stream of thought is to design a simple photo and image editor, paint and graphics programs with the novice or intermediate users in mind. These programs are great for your basic applications that apply global adjustments to photos and other images.

The second stream of thought in regards to image enhancement and graphics programs is to design a tool with the more advanced user in mind, and have it closely resemble the high end software suits used for more precise editing of specific areas of a photo, and of course for generating creatives and new graphic images from scratch.

The third stream of thought is to create a free online image editor such as Pixer’s easy to use online photo editor, that offers a service that falls into its own unique niche.

This is all fine and good for CORE members and anyone else that owns or works on a website, because we all know that a web page loves to use photos and graphics to enhance it’s appeal to it’s visitors.

However, even if you are not interested in owning your own website, a good photo editing program can do wonders for improving your personal photos.

The simple to use graphics and effects tools available with many of these programs are also fun for the whole family when manipulating photos, creating cards, banners, posters and logos… or simply mucking about for the fun of it.

It’s definitely this last category of free online photo editing and graphics services that Pixer comes in.

Pixer Online Image Editor

The Pixer online image editor is not intended for the professional, nor is it a full feature graphics program. Rather, it is a simple, user friendly set of tools that can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, to perform virtually all basic photo editing tasks.

If you need to quickly and effortlessly fix or alter a photo, Pixer can do that for you in a flash. There is no registration or download necessary, and you can do it from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Simply upload your image using the “load image” form at the top left of the page, and in a few seconds, the image will be displayed on screen and you can start to play with it. After you’re done fixing your photo, click on the “Save” button to download it using your preferred file format.

All modifications are done in a non-destructive way, so your image will always keep it’s original quality.

The nicest thing about Pixer is that it’s quick and efficient, and very user friendly. Because it is not a full feature graphics program, the limited tools are easy to understand and apply. In fact, Pixer would be a great place for a person to start if they had no previous experience in editing photos or applying special effects.

Pixer Editing Tools and Special Effects

  • You can resize, crop, rotate and flip your image any way you like.
  • You can control brightness, contrast and saturation.
  • Color effects include greyscale, invert, green, red, blue and sepia.
  • You can blur or sharpen your image as desired.
  • Special effects include oil painting, 1850 look, jitter, pixellate, marble, wood, clouds, labyrinth, textile, dirty and rusty.

All the features above are applied automatically with the click of the mouse, which is exactly why Pixer is ideal for anyone looking for basic photo editing tools, and that has little or no experience with more advance photo and graphic image editing programs.

If this introduction and review of Pixer Free Online Image Editor has been helpful, please let us know in the comment area below… TY!

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